Our menu is always evolving. We get ideas. Our customers get ideas. While we have our most popular dishes all the time, we create some new ones on the fly and on request. Check our social media for more up to date menu items and what our specials of the day are!

Our weekly specials include favorites like The Ranch, Homemade  Chili, Something Like a Taco, Salsa Chicken, and whatever our Tot Chef creates. We also offer soups specials such as; Broccoli Cheese, Beer Cheese, Vegetarian Chili and seasonal favorites.



Our Tots are gluten free, but while we cannot guarantee they do not come into contact with gluten, we can fry them in our dedicated GF fryer on request.

These are almost always available. Totally fast for a quick getaway.


Plain tots covered in our Tillamook cheese sauce, bacon crumbles, sour cream and chives.


Tots coated in spicy buffalo sauce, blue cheese crumbles and dressing.

Tots 'n' Gravy

Creamy country sausage gravy and tots.


Taco seasoned tots, our Tillamook cheese sauce, fresh made pico de gallo, olives, crispy jalapenos and sour cream.

Black 'n' Blue

Balsamic glaze, bacon crumbles, blue cheese crumbles & dressing.

These take a little longer to prepare or cook fresh for you, but so worth it.

Chicken 'n' Tots

Breaded chicken tenderloin fritters.

Broccoli 'n' Cheese

Steamed broccoli and our Tillamook cheese sauce.

Fish 'n' Tots

English pub style beer battered cod fillets. Served with tartar sauce.

Seasonal Specials

When available. Varies by location. Check Facebook to see what we're cooking!

Plain Tots

A great place to start! Have them as-is or create your own masterpiece from anything we have on the menu. Add, hold, mix, create! We will calculate as you add toppings or spices.

If you just want a ship load of tots, try the TOTANIC. Great for sharing or for the very hungry. This can be spiced but not topped due to its size!

Saucy Sweets

Choose one or more of our sweet sauces to make the dessert tots of your dreams! Reese's peanut butter, raspberry jelly and chocolate fudge. PB&J on tots is not as strange as it sounds, promise!


Cinnamon sugar coated tots and a vanilla icing dip. Kinda like a churro, elephant ear or beaver tail.

These are almost always available and can make a great addition to any meal.

Taco Beef

Tillamook Cheese Sauce

Piece of Chicken or Fish

Deep Fried Octopus Shaped Hot Dog

Side of Coleslaw


Dips, Dressings & Hot Sauces are available on the counter for free.

We can toss any order in any spice, even more than 1!





Old Bay


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